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Gaea Ltd. of recognition enterprise of small and medium-sized enterprise creation activity promotion method

GAEA CO.,Ltd.is certified company under
the "Small & MediumEnterprises' Creative
Business Activity Enhancement Law" !!
 "Small & Medium Enterprises' Creative Business Activity
Enhancement Law" is offcially defined as "Temporally law for the
enhancement of small & medium enterprises' creative business
activity"(Law NO, 47 1995) and is enacted to support foundation of
small & medium enterprises and those enterprises' innovation business.
 Certifications are authorized by each prefecture after examination of uniqueness,
feasibility and prospects of applicant's business in details by professionals in each field.
 Certification shall be authorized to only those business which is
innovative and/or advanced and feasible as business.

 Those business only with innovativeness and advancement

without feasibility shall not be authorized.
 We are proud that GAEA is the first company certified for the
business of development of photocatalyst solution for textile
in the area
governed by kanto Economic Agency (Tokyo and 6 prefectures in Kanto ara and
Nigata, Nagano,Yamanasi and Shizuoka prefectures).
 While one of the purposes we applied for this certification is to
have variety of support from authority, we believe this certification
proves our technoligy and business plan being prospective.

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